Indonesia : The Heaven for Cigarete Companies

Based  on  National  Socioeconomic  Survey  (NSES, 1995,  2001,  2004)  and  National  He a lth  Survey  (NHS  2007, 2010),  s moking prevalence of male at age 15+  years  have been in creased  from  53.4%  (1995), to  65.9% (2010). The smoking prevalence  in   female  remains at low category, but its smoking prevalence  increases  from  1. 7%  in  1995 to 4. 2%  in  2010)  (Ahsan,  A,  et  al ).
The  increase  of smoking prevalence  will also result in a greater economic impact  to cure tobacco related diseases.  The  impacts are not only on the direct costs   due  to nursing  or  treatment  costs ,  but  also  on  the  indirect  costs including opportunity lost cost  due to the premature death.  The  high  smoking  prevalence  and  the  huge  of Indonesian population position  Indonesia the third biggest  male smokers  after China  and  India. The  cigarette  consumption  in Indonesia during  the  year  of  2008 according  to Tobacco Altas
(2009),  the  number  of  male  smokers  in  Indonesia  was  more than 53 million males.  In  2012,  it  is  estimated  to  be  about  70 million people smoke regularly in Indonesia. While the number of female smokers  in Indonesia rank on the  17th biggest in the world  reaching  almost  4  million  persons.  Thereby Indonesian position  is  in  the  5th rank following  China,  USA,  Rusia,  and Japan  consuming  more  than  23o  billion sticks  of  cigarettes in 2007.  According  to  the Ministry  of  Finance  in  Indonesia the cigarette  production  was  promoted  to  increase  from  216. 8 billion sticks in  2006) to 249.1 billion sticks  in 2010 .


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